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PAPSCO provides tips on picking a filtratin system in March 2013 issue of Process Cooling Magazine.

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Eaton QIC-LOCK Bag Housing
Eaton multi-bag housing makes changing bags a snap ! This user friendly, cost effective bag filter housing for high volume applications and processes demanding frequent bag change-out. The QIC-LOCK mechanism ensures simple operation with minimal downtime for bag change-outs, which increases productivity and decreases operating costs.


GasTran Ozone Treatment
Ozone Treatment -- Only Better ! The GasTran system can absorb high doses of ozone to reduce soluble BOD and soluble COD concentrations either in post primary or pre secondary wastewater treatment set-ups. GasTran Systems are helping customers achieve huge reductions in municipal surcharges, fines, and hauling fees.


Our Products: Overview

Filtration is the easiest way to remove solids from water. Virtually any contaminant can be removed from any liquid.

The need for filtration usually begins with a problem. A solid/particle contaminant prevents a liquid system from achieving optimum performance. It may be particle accumulation in a pit or sump. It may be contamination that causes premature disposal of the liquid in the system.

Yes, the problem can be managed with a basic filter. But is that the best solution? Choosing a filter for its particle removal performance alone will not solve the entire problem.

In order to achieve the complete filtration solution, a company must consider how the solids will be handled once they are captured by the filter and removed from the liquid.

The proper filter type is determined by the desired level of solids removal or water quality. The proper filter size is determined by flow rate and the amount, size, and type of solids to be removed. Most filters are available in varying automation levels and price ranges.

However, before selecting a filter, a company should:

  • Determine the required level of filtration or filtered water quality
  • Decide whether filtrate will be disposed of or reused
  • Identify how much space is available for the system
  • Calculate the amount of capital available to purchase, operate and maintain the system
  • Decide whether the system should be automatic or manual
  • Consider any pertinent water conservation requirements.

We can guide you through this process and recommend the proper filtration system for your application. We offer a vast array of products, utilizing the most current technology, to fit your needs.

By reducing process fluid stream contamination, you may be able to enhance product quality, improve process efficiency, and increase the working life of fluids and related equipment.

Considering the increasingly high cost of maintenance, manpower, downtime and lost productivity, a complete filtration solution is essential. Today’s industries employ a wide range of filtration systems for varying problems, and filtration technology continuously pushes forward to meet the challenges of improved products, new intermediate step formulation requirements, and novel manufacturing techniques.

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